Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture hanging with a paper clip

I dropped by my favorite thrift shop this week and although I didn't find a lot of things, I found these cute little blue and white plates. They have silver metallic edges which would be a "no, no"  if I were going to use them in the kitchen.  If they can't go in the microwave, they don't come home with me!

Fortunately, they were the perfect color to go in the guest room and were the right price... 50 cents!

Being anxious to get them up,  lazy, I didn't want to go pick up plate hangers. So, I decided to try something I had seen on the internet. I hung them with paper clips.

I simply twisted the clips into a circle (somewhat),  and glued them on with E-6000 glue. I let them dry overnight and hung them the next day.

So far so good! I'll let you know how they hold up. I might should provide my guests with football helmets!

I also found another soup tureen for $3.00. This is the first one I've found with the ladle. I just can't pass up tureens. Loved these ivory shams for $2.00.
Glad you dropped by and y'all come back!

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  1. What great things you have found! I'm going to try the paper clip some time, thanks for the tip!
    Visiting from Show & Tell!

  2. I use paper clips to hangs things at work all the time. As long as the glue holds, you will be fine. The plates are very pretty.

  3. I have seen paper clips used before but, haven't tried it yet. Please let us know how well the glue holds. The plates are so pretty and a great price. I can't pass up a tureen that has the ladle. Love those pillowcases. Thanks for joining TTF. Have a great weekend!

  4. So you are addicted to soup tureens, as well, huh? I like your lace shams. Everything you found was a bargain! I love to thrift shop for pretties- I have way too much "stuff" now. LOL
    Good idea to use E-6000. Hot glue does not work- even though some say it does.
    Thanks for your visit today.
    ~ Sue

  5. More lovely finds! I have a home for the tureen and the shams, but I couldn't possibly take the plates from you. Thanks for showing how perfect they are in your guest bedroom, and your creative way of hanging them!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. It sounds like that glue is pretty strong. The plates look lovely there. Cute other items.

  7. Good tip about hanging plates like this. You'll have to let us know how the glue holds up. The plates are really pretty and look great where you have placed them.
    Love the tureen and shams, too. You had a really good thrift trip!

  8. What great finds. I can't believe the price of the soup tureen/ladle. The plates are sweet and I'm glad to know the paper clip trick.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  9. Great finds! Yes paper clips aren't just for paper anymore!!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Your plates are really pretty and I hope the glue holds.. Great tip. and I like the tureen and shams. Great finds. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a really nice comment. Hope you find the soap. If you go to there are other stores listed that carry the soaps, but don't know about the price at those stores.I found that after I bought some at DT.. (website url on the package).
    Good luck with your "weakness" too . lol

  11. You did good at the thrift shop. The plates look perfect as wall hangings. Let us know if they hold! Great idea! Also love those shams.

  12. I love tureens too! I try to restrict myself as they a re big space items, and I needs room for my dish addiction, I mean collections! :)
    Love those hand towels, so pretty! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you did so I could meet you!


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