Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vintage Tray and votive holders

I know lots of folks have made these votive holders around blog land but I love them and had to make them. I got the candlesticks at Goodwill for fifty cents and the votive holders were two dollars for three.

They were so easy, just glue them together with E-6000 glue. I love that stuff. Wish it was around when I was a child, I probably wouldn't have gotten as many spankings!

The tray was a Goodwill find as well.It was natural wood, and had a cross stitched fabric under the glass that  was badly stained.  I always forget to take before pictures... I am so anxious to get started :(
I cleaned it and removed the cross stitch but could not get the stains out. I think they were from the glue someone had used to attach it

I sanded, spray painted , and replaced the fabric with toile scrap booking paper.The glass and wooden oval easily slide out for quick replacement. I haven't given up on the cross stitch.It is so lovely.

I'm going to try to stain the entire piece with tea. Has anyone tried tea staining? I'm not sure how it's done.

Have a good week and y'all come back!

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  1. I love Goodwill. What a great deal on the tray, you did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The tray looks really good! Like something you'd find at Home Goods. I hope you can get that piece clean, maybe soak it in oxyclean.

  3. The tray is gorgeous! I am working on a tray right now. And I love the votive holders! Don't ya just love a quick project that gives you so much pleasure!

  4. Annette, I love the tray with the scrapbook paper. It is gorgeous!

    I was going to tea-stain my lace curtains for my bedroom makeover, but I chickened out. On Trading Spaces they just soaked the item in the tea. I assume the longer you soak it the darker the color. As your item is already stained, you have nothing to lose. I look forward to seeing the results.

    Hopefully, my bedding will be delivered in the next few days and I will be able to share my bedroom makeover with everyone. Parcel Post takes FOREVER!

    Have a Marvelous Monday! La

  5. I haven't seen the candle stick votives I like that idea and that tray was great!


  6. I love those! What a good idea. I didn't know gorilla glue would actually hold glass. = ( oh the possibilities!!!

  7. What a beautiful tray and I love those candle holders! I too have seen them around blog-land but haven't tried making them. I really should give it a go!

    Best wishes,

  8. Excellent work...beautiful job...gorilla glue. Never heard of it, but I'm gonna be looking for it now.

    My link for you... WIZARD OF OZ
    Do come by to say hello if you have time!

  9. I really enjoyed your vintage things for today. The glassware is so pretty.

  10. What a great idea...I have never seen that done and I am around here lots. Thanks so much for joining in. Love Goodwill, and I will be there often come winter time. Debbie

  11. Hopping over from Debbiedoos! Your projects turned out beautifully~ thanks for sharing them!

  12. Love your tray redo! Great idea to use scrapbook paper, they have so many wonderful designs. Thanks for visiting tonight, look like you just got home from a relaxing vacation, sounds like you had a good time.

  13. Your tray is too cute!!! That's right! We love our tigers!

  14. That GW place is soooo your tray!!!


  15. Your tray turned out beautifully!

  16. Love those candle holders and the tray is wonderful...great finds!


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