Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sand sculpture

Hi Everyone! I hope y'all are having a great week.
I wanted to share with you this really neat sand sculpture.

No, I didn't do it. My ability  does not extend beyond sad little sand castles
and mud pies!
It was created by a lone older gentleman on the beach.

I started to go over and ask if I could take his picture as he was finishing but
being the chicken that I am, I waited and took shots of his work after he left.

It had such detail. He even used small reeds for the windshield wipers!
I guess the thing that really bothers me is ... all that work and it is gone when the tide comes in!
Oh well, I guess that is really living for the pleasure of the moment.

I am working on several projects at home that I hope will last a little longer. I like to get lots
of mileage out of my work (smile). I will be posting them later this week.
I have been enjoying family times the last few days and have not been at the computer as much
I'm anxious to see what you all have been doing.
I have sung Nursery Rhymes and read One Fish, Two Fish 
to the g'babies so many times my voice sounds like
" Froggy" from The Little Rascals. Remember them?

I am linking to Outdoor Wednesday
Drop by for lots of fun photos.


  1. That is a neat sand sculpture. Thanks for sharing it. olive♥

  2. It takes a lot of talent to accomplish something like this. The tide won't wash this sculpture away because you captured it with your camera. La

  3. What a wonderful sand sculpture! Until we moved to Nevada we always lived near the ocean and I loved visiting the sand sculpture competitions. So much talent and creativity!

  4. That sand sculpture is amazing piece of work. I do not blame you for getting these great shots of it. I would have gone right over while he was there. I never meet a stranger. It is a shame in away the tide will carry it away. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Wow! this is amazing! How cool that you got to see it! Thank you for sharing it with us today.
    I love Spankie when he was really little.

  6. That's amazing~ I wonder how long it took him?!! Thanks for sharing this :-)

  7. SO COOL!!~ A couple of weeks ago while vacationing my son, his friend and dad did an alligator sculptor...of course after they left my son was taking all the credit. Thanks for you nice comment it really made my day! Debbie

  8. What a great sand car! Only if I can do that, I would so impress my teenage son, it isn't easy to impress a teenager.

  9. some people are just so incredibly talented! Those pictures are fantastic! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment!

  10. What talent. I am amazed by people who can do that. Great photos!

  11. Wow - that's impressive!

    My home projects are liken to these sand projects. I'm always ripping out and redoing. My husband says our home is never the same day twice - ha!

    Have fun loving on those grand-babies!

  12. Wow, can I drive that car? clever idea of sculpting car in the sand, talented and patient in creating that. The photo is beautiful...

  13. Well, that is one talented man!!! Very cool! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) Nice to meet a fellow believer in blogville!

  14. How wonderful! Thanks for showing it to us!


  15. That is really cool!!
    Thanks for your visit! The paint color for the cabinets is Valspur Gravity. I just added a little black to it so it would be a little bit darker then the walls!
    Take care

  16. That sand sculpture is awesome. Oh, to have that kind of talent.

  17. What an awesome sand sculpture. How fun to go to the beach and see someone creating one.


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