Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Party

I am excited about joining the pumpkin party. When I taught, I always did a pumpkin theme and we had such fun!
Some of these photos have been posted before but some are new.

We have pumpkins on the door ...

pumpkins in the kitchen ...

pumpkin in the dining room ...

Pumpkins on the mantel ...

pumpkins in the foyer...

pumpkins in the family room...

pumpkins in the tray ...

pumpkins on the porch ...

and pumpkins on Skipper.

The plan was to let Skipper wear his cute little pumpkin head band but he ate it! See what I have to live with!
He really is a keeper even if he doesn't like photo shoots.

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  1. Hi Annette, those are lovely pictures! so beautiful!!

  2. LOL - loved your granddog pix! I suspect several of mine would be glad to join yours! And wouldn't my grandchildren love your sparkly fall pumpkin table decorations! Very nice and very fun fall pumpkins blog party! :)

  3. Too funny about your doggie!!! But how can you be mad at such cuteness!!! You have a beautiful and uniqe pumpkin collection! TFS

  4. You do have a lot of pumpkins and I like where you placed them all....Christine

  5. I adore the pumpkins in the dining room and the ones on the tray. I love the tray too. Everything is so beautiful. How funny that the dog ate his. Hope he loved it.

  6. What a nice collection of autumn decor! ♥ the poochie pumpkin eater! LOL

  7. You're all set for fall, the mantle is beautiful and the puppy too cute:@)

  8. Hi Annette!

    I love all your pumpkins, but I REALLY love that fall teapot! GORGEOUS!

    You KNOW I am smitten with handsome little Skipper. Bosco is all black so he is very hard to photgraph even when he's willing.

    Happy Halloween! La

  9. G'morning, Annette..I love all your pumpkins. That mantle is so pretty.
    Your doggie is precious....;)

  10. You have quite the pumpkin collection! I absolutely love your wreath. It brings Fall to your doorway!
    PS I know what you mean about the fur babies eating "stuff"! My Sophie recently ate one of the Hubster's socks! Yuck! They are certainly NOT picky eaters! LOL!

  11. I see you like pumpkins also. They are my favorite...well, and scarecrows! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi...have a great week!!

  12. What a cute little skipper to play along with the pumpkin theme. You have so many lovely pumpkins that have dressed up your home for the holiday. Love the teascape. Joni

  13. Hi Annette! So glad you joined the Pumpkin Party! You have many pumpkins! Love the wreath on your door. I really like the vignette in the dining room with the orange plate and white pumpkin. You have a beautiful autumn teapot too. Most of all, I like little Skipper!
    Hugs, Beth

  14. Skipper is so festive with his pumpkin regalia! And I love everything you have done. Love the gold pumpkin. Happy Pumpkin party. :)

  15. Loved all of your pumpkin decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Annette, What pretty, festive decorations you have. Skipper is cute as can be! Hope you have a very nice Monday!

  17. Your home is beautiful! Love the front door- and love the dog's pumpkin! lol

    I am now following your blog


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