Monday, October 04, 2010

I have fallen into temptation

I had decided to not do the fall decorations this year because things were so hectic around here . I WAS going to patiently wait and have fun doing Christmas....


after seeing all of your gorgeous fall decorating, I pulled out the fall boxes from the attic.
I got the wreath hung on the door...

Next, I put a few things in the foyer.

My little pumpkin was a Goodwill find.

Tied a fall ribbon and glued a leaf on my bunnies to bring them into fall.

I will be continuing to pull from the boxes this week and post pictures. I keep hearing my mom's voice resonate in my ears... " if your friends jumped off of a cliff would you jump to?"
Seriously, thanks for the inspiration. I'm glad I decided to pull things out and play.
Have a good day and y'all come on back anytime.

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  1. I totally hear you on this. Normally all I do for fall is put up a wreath over my mantle, but after seeing all the amazing fall touches out there in blog land, I had to dive in too. There is some amazing inspiration out there.

  2. That is what happened to me! I usually do very little but for some reason, since I have been blogging, I couldn't help myself. You did a very nice job so far! Can't wait to see more!

  3. It looks great, Annette! I especially love the plate. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday. La

  4. It looks very pretty! At least this temptation only cost you a little bit of time and no money since you already had everything. =)

  5. I normally don't do fall - but I'm with can't hang out in bloggerville without getting the itch!

  6. That's what blogging will do to's soooo much FUN! Happy Fall!!!


  7. Hi Annette!

    It's hard not to do some of the things we see in the blogs! It just kind of gets you all pumped up and you just have to try your hand at Doing some of the beautiful decorating or crafts!Your Fall decorations are just lovely!

  8. Good for you getting into the fall decorating! You've created some nice ambiance in your home! Can't believe you got that gorgeous pumpkin from GW!


  9. Love your entryway! The arrangement looks so pretty and welcoming. I think decorating for fall lifts all our spirits!

  10. What a pretty blog! I love your displays!
    Thanks for stopping by Flora Doora, I enjoyed
    your comment. I always wonder about my
    vintage pieces also. I have antique cupboards that were clearly handmade and I always think about who made them and the families that enjoyed them!

    Flora Doora

  11. O, so glad you decided to play with your pretty fall decos...everything looks great.
    Like you, I get so inspired by all the prettiness in Blogland. Sometimes, I OVERdo it...:))

  12. Beautiful Fall vignette and wreath!

  13. How pretty. This is all just lovely. I like the pretty fall linens draped over the table too along with the pretty pumpkins and fall flowers. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  14. Awwww, it looks very nice - I love Mr. Bunny all ready for Fall too !!!!

    thanks for stopping by Lavender Hill !


  15. I find that once I start decorating for a season it only multiplies after that. I start out with just a touch and next thing you know it looks like Halloween exploaded in my house.


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