Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rooting Sweet Potato Vines

I love ornamental sweet potato vines and they are sooo easy to root!
They are annuals and can be purchased at lawn and garden centers in the spring and summer.
I always purchase a plant and then root others from that plant. Not only is it a frugal way to have lots of luscious vines it is fun to practice propogation with a plant that is easy to root.

Plants can be rooted in water without using a rooting hormone.

I remove the lower leaves and simply cut the vine at a 45 degree angle below the leaf node.

A leaf node is the spot where a leaf will or has grown out of the vine.

 It is easy to find because it is a small lump or bump on the vine.

Place the cutting in water. Change the water daily for 5-7 days. I always root mine in cups

and place on my kitchen window sill so I don't forget to change the water. Memory is a

terrible thing to loose!

After a week your cutting will have formed hair like roots and it is ready to transplant

into your pot! 

These vines are for ornamental use only and not for eating.  They add beautiful splashes of color

to pots and beds.And best of all they love the southern heat as long as they are watered.

Thanks y'all for dropping by and come again.

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  1. Annette,

    Thanks for that info. I had no idea you could root sweet potato vinnes. I have two really long ones and will get cuttings from them tomorrow and try. Blessings, Vicky

  2. I love them too. Do you know if it is possible to keep them alive inside through the winter?

  3. oh wow I want those.. I'm in NC so I hope i can find somewhere to buy a few.. I want to try this and will be following your great instructions..
    thank you so much for this tip...


  4. We have these in our planters at work and no one knew what they were. They are such a vibrant color. Now, I can go back to work and tell them what I learned from your blog!

    Have a great week! La


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