Saturday, July 17, 2010

Like this in your back yard?

I did a local builders tour of homes back in the spring . I'm just now getting this posted.   I fell in love with this

 patio. I can just picture myself in a chaise lounge (the benches would have to go) sipping iced tea and reading

 a book by the fountain.  It is amazing! It starts on one side of the patio,( pictured above) and then goes under 

the patio and back above ground on the other side (pictured below) It is then pumped back under the patio 

and up the hill to the top again.

On second thought, if I had this I would probably get even less done than I do now!

Have a great week-end and y'all come back soon!

Help Blogging friends! The script did not look like this in the draft. When I hit publish it does it's own thing

 and the lines are totally different. Any ideas? All of this is new to me.


  1. Why yes I would like that in my backyard! That is so cool.

    Are you referring to the way your text is spaced? Sometimes blogger gets a hiccup. It might straighten out on it's own. I've had issues where the preview doesn't show correctly what I was typing but then when I hit publish it does.

  2. Anita, Thanks for dropping by and your comment. Yes, the spacing is not like it was on the draft.I guess I just need to learn patience :)

  3. My back yard is a disaster. I would love something like this. Maybe once I get the house remodeled I'll do something with the yard.

    I've been having the same formatting issues. It looks one way in the preview and another when I publish it. Frustrating.


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