Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July

It's never to early to think about Christmas,right? I went out thrifting and made two stops. The only things I found at both stops were Christmas things. Maybe it was my subconscious trying to think cool thoughts because it is hot as blue blazes here in the south!

At the first yard sale I found this cute little pillow and stocking for a dollar each. The pillow is really a deep red but it looks rose in the picture. The stocking is a plain little thing but it was new with tags still attached and I plan to attach some crochet to dress it up and use at the condo which I'm decorating with mostly vintage white things.

At the next stop I was already starting to melt away but decided to do a quick look over. I spotted this little horse on a back table. I love it. I have one very similar that is all white and trimmed out in golds so this little fella is going to my sister. She has often commented on mine and I have not been able to find one like it. It is ceramic so it could be painted out white and antiqued. I will leave that to her as she is the artist in the family. I have problems even putting paint on furniture and walls..... but after seeing all the wonderful things you all do in blog land and copying them  searching for my creativity, I am doing a little better.

I'm so glad you dropped by. Have a good week, stay cool and come again!

I'm linking to Southern Hospitality's Todays Thrifty Treasures


  1. It's been really hot here in Ohio too. I love your finds, especially the pillow. I bought a Christmas teapot at the auction I went to last week.

    Happy Monday! La

  2. It is too early for me to think about Christmas. It is just not the same as it used to be. Has gotten too commercial. Yes, the grand children do keep us young and also find how out of shape you are.

  3. It is way too hot for yard sales. You found some pretty Christmas stuff though. So hard to think about Christmas in this heat.

  4. It is soooo hot in NC! I feel your pain;) Nice finds too, and thanks for visiting my blog!


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