Thursday, January 20, 2011

O is for the Ocean

Made a quick trip to the coast.  It's so nice after seeing all of the snow back home.  It's wonderful here that the ocean never changes.  Standing here in the sun looking at the surf one would think it is a                      warm summers' day.

The temperature is 48 so I  won't be staying out here very long.

Oh well, that is fine by me. The main purpose of the trip was to take down Christmas decorations at the condo and do some organizing.

 Yes, the decorations are still up. But  I will do a better job if the weather is
 not warm. I have nooo will power when it comes to work time or beach time.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope y'all are doing well. I plan to do a  lot   a little bit of organizing and a
lot of blog reading the next few days. Please join me at
Alphabet-Thursday for a fun time!


  1. Thanks for the ocean view today! It was so wonderful. I am land locked, totally!
    Have a great weekend and hope you get lots done- or not. Have fun!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. An ocean view and 48 degrees sounds just fine with this kid...we are at 8 degrees now with snow and going to 21 below tonight.

    Have fun organizing and don't forget to enjoy that view from time to time.

  3. I actually love the ocean this time of year! No crowds and the beauty is all around! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us!

  4. I love going to the ocean. It so soothing to watch the waves ebb and flow. Great photos.

  5. What a treat to click on your post and see the lovely ocean views! Hope you have a nice weekend.

  6. Mmmm....Myrtle Beach..... One of my very favorite places on earth. La

  7. I found some of my best shell at the ocean in the winter! You don't get the theater of the seasons, though, unless you're near the marshes.

  8. I love the pictures of the ocean!

  9. I love the beach - any time, any weather.

  10. 48 is still a little cold, but it does look pretty. love this little fluffy clouds!

  11. I love the sight, smell and sound of the ocean! I even love the feel if it's not too freezing cold!

  12. The ocean is such a blessing no matter when. Soothes my soul.

  13. What great photos of the ocean! I haven't been to the coastal area in a long time. Seeing these make me want to make a trip out to the beach. It's a little too cold probably though...

  14. I feel so at peace at the ocean, its my favorite place to walk and enjoy the beauty of the sea.

    I must apologize for not visiting sooner. I just found your comments in the 'spam file' on my blog.. along with 56 more from other bloggers. I'm sorry, I haven thought to check it in quite awhile.

  15. Except for my toes getting freezing cold (OK, yeah, I did wade into the surf...sigh..) I really loved this outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday!

    How fun that it's close enough you can take a quick trip to soothe your soul!

    Thanks for linking.

    This was wonderful.


  16. I'm blog hopping today and I found your lovely blog. Have a great weekend, I look forward to future posts. Wishing you happiness, Katherine


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