Thursday, January 06, 2011

Missing luggage

Today we enjoyed one of life's simple pleasures, retrieving missing luggage. More specifically,                         Mr.Vintagesoutherns' luggage.
The good news is,  his luggage made it to Israel. The bad news is, he didn't!

Mr. Vintage left for a 10 day tour of the Holy land last week with the church group. He made it as far as the airport in Newark and got snowed in. Unfortunately this was his view for the next  two days.

After boarding two planes, mechanical failure, de-icing problems ( the truck caught fire), the first plane getting stuck in the snow after being grounded and having to be towed and sleeping on the airport floor, two days later they tried again.

Because of major overbooking and airport closures, they were not able to accommodate all of the group. They had decided the venture would be all or none so once again they exited another plane.No flights were available to get them anywhere near home so the boarded a Trailways for a sixteen hour ride.

The group returned home very positive... tired but positive. It was a trip that for some reason was not meant to be. I'm sure they will make plans to go again later.

The luggage arrived today after quite an adventure. Too bad no one was available to add souvenirs to it along its unscheduled route.
I better go, need to get Mr. Vintage some medicine, the only thing he brought back was a cold.

Have a good week and y'all come back!

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  1. So sorry he has a cold and that the trip was cancelled. Glad everyone has a positive outlook and I hope they each get the opportunity to try again.

  2. awww, I just heard a story about someone else that this happened to. I'm glad he did get his luggage back eventually. Thank you for the positive twist and for your comment to me!

  3. True it was not meant for the journey there yet ...glad he got the luggage back

  4. My daughter had a lost luggage experience when returning from Italy last year due to problems with their plane.they had an
    unscheduled plane changes and they went one way and the luggage went another.
    The luggage was recovered and delivered to their front door by the airline company.
    All's well that end's well.
    Barb from Australia

  5. I'll bet that this is one very original 'm' post! Poor Mr Vintage - that's not a very nice souvenir of his adventure.

  6. Wow, what an ordeal. I'm glad he made it home safely.

  7. Oh no! What an experience. Love that you are a retired special needs teacher. Me, too, only I retired early -- when my kids were born. Hope you are enjoying the retirement!

  8. Does his luggage speak Hebrew??

  9. Just popping in to thank you for following me! I am so sorry this happened to your husband and the group, but there must have been a reason for them not to go at this time. Glad he got his luggage back and hope his cold ends soon.
    Blessings and hugs- Tete
    I see you have Debbie's Prayer Warrior Button!

  10. Oh dear ... on the one hand, I'm thrilled the luggage made it home (indeed a pleasure), but sorry Mr. V. didn't make the trip. Nice to know people can still be in a good mood after a 16-hour Trailways ride, though. :) Hope Mr. V. feels better really soon. Thanks for linking up.

  11. What a disappointment that must have been - to miss the Israel trip and to spend so much time marooned in an airport. It sounds like it was a good bunch of friends to be with, however, and they made the best of it all. Too bad he brought home nothing but a cold. Be sure he doesn't generously share it with you.

  12. It is a pleasure his luggage made it home and I'm glad he made it home safely. Too bad about the trip, but we don't always understand the reasons. However God knows best and works all things for good.

  13. What a drag! Glad he's being such a good sport about it...and i'm glad he got his luggage back, too!


  14. what an adventure he had. But one day...the right time....he will try again..and I'm glad too he got his luggage back.

  15. OMG ! what a misadventure ! really no luck, but who knows this "holy land" isn't very safe sometimes. Maybe it was better like that.
    I have heard some terrible stories of some of my friends too, like spending Christmas in the airport !

  16. How fun it would be if the luggage could have picked up souvenirs! Glad it made it back home.

  17. what a great attitude! And who knows why the trip wasn't too be? Maybe Mr. was protected from something? Hope he feels better soon!

  18. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that they did not make it to Israel, unlike your Mr's luggage! I agree...a few souvenirs would have been fun. Hope that the next trip will work out smoothly... And that your Mr feels better sure to remember taking Airborne when worked for us.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  19. Oh dear, so many folks have had trouble traveling because of the snow. I imagine that even though he thought he was headed for the Holy land, your hubby was probably glad to be home after 2 days in the airport!
    Glad he got his well-traveled luggage back ok :-)

  20. That's funny that the luggage made it but the people did not! I think the airlines should've snuck in something nice for the trouble ;)

  21. It sounds like so many people have been having trouble flying.

    I'm glad he made it OK. Guys are pretty resilient about the lack of clean underwear...or so I've been told - ha!

    Thanks for a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday.

    This made me laugh!


  22. Oh my! That IS an adventure! not the one he signed up for, not the one he expected. I have a friend who now always travels with some food (among other things) because of a similar situation.
    Hope he soon feels better!


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