Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sunday Reflections

There has only been one Christmas... the rest are anniversaries.

I read this this week and it really stuck with me. Why had I not ever thought of Christmas that way? I know there would be no Christmas without God's precious gift but I never thought that all of our Christmases are anniversaries.To me it makes it even more special. One Christmas so many years ago and we are continuing to celebrate the anniversary today.

Our world has changed so much since His birth. Generations have come and gone. Science has progressed at rocket speed. Things that man could not even imagine in His time have come to be part of our everyday lives and yet we continue to celebrate The Birth, the precious gift of God's own Son.

I shamefully realized I need to stop hurrying and  rushing around, making lists and worrying about getting all of my "important" things done and just bask in the fact that I have already received the greatest gift mankind will ever receive. It's amazing, sometimes God can humble me with one little sentence.

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  1. Annette...I love that thought too! Anniversaries....that's really beautiful. I too am trying to pull back from my own list of "important" things and enjoy what He has already given me. Thanks for the lovely post.
    Elaine :)

  2. your comment- "I have already received the greatest gift mankind will ever receive," is profoundly true! Let's celebrate.

  3. That is a precious post, thank you.

  4. He's the greatest gift of all....☺

  5. "just bask in the fact that I have already received the greatest gift" Love this! God alone is enough, He's everything. Thanks for posting, and also for stopping by my corner. God bless :)

  6. That is something I never thought about and now I know. Thanks. Have a blessed week.

  7. Good observations. Thank you for sharing these precious thoughts about God's gift to us.


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