Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kris Kringle and Friends...

Today I want to share with you one of my lifes simple pleasures, my Kris Kringle and his friends. I painted him back in the 80's with a group of my friends and every time I bring him out it makes me smile, remembering the fun times we had. Some I still see today and others I have lost contact with as life  sometimes gets in the way like that.

The center Santa I found at a little antique shop and the Woodsman Santa on the left I painted as well.

The wooden tray is a thrifting find from Hobby Lobby half price sale.

I am especially happy to be able to enjoy lifes pleasures after the way this week has played out. This
 week has been really crazy. I started out Sunday with a visit to the emergency room for  chest, left arm, left neck and back pains. Stress test and enzymes were normal. Thank you Lord.I was released Monday night with pain and cholesterol meds and advised to see my family doctor to schedule an x-ray and ultra sound of the neck for possible blockages. I will have those done tomorrow.

I am trying not to worry and remind myself that God is in control and that he that he is never surprised or taken off guard.
For the next day or two I plan to decorate less and enjoy the decorations you all share on your wonderful blogs. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. I have not forgotten how to space and start new paragraphs but Blogger will not behave. Please excuse the format.

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  1. Kris Kringle how lovely thanks for sharing

  2. I love your Santa collection! So glad you shared it with us today and I hope you're all better soon and that your tests come back A-ok!

  3. Your Santa's are beautiful. I hope all comes back well on your test. Blessings.


  4. You have inspired me to start a christmas collection of some kind. What nice memories you must have. I hope all goes well with your health. Enjoy the quiet time.

  5. hope everything ends up fine with your health and I love your Santas!

  6. They are all so darling.

    Stay calm and relax and take care of yourself!



  7. I like your Kris Kringle...and other santas....Hope your day is going great.

  8. Your Kris Kringle is certainly very special and it's wonderful that you have it to remind you of good times and good friends. Santa collections are always nice to get out every year. Take care!

  9. Annette,
    Beautiful Kris Kringle and Santas.
    Sorry to learn about your stress/emergency room visit. Went through several of those with my hubby, fortunately he was ok...
    So know that I will be keeping you in prayer. One of the greatest blessings I have gotten through blogging is the privilege of joining in prayer for others and seeing God's faithfulness again and again! Have a blessed and peaceful, restful night.

  10. wow, you did an amazing job painting your Kris Kringle! it just looks gorgeous, and please just take some time to relax and enjoy ... tis the season to get in some quality rest time!!!

  11. Very cool Santas. Don't you just love collectiong them? Hope you feel better soon. Susan

  12. Nice Santa collection. Please take care. Hope everything is ok and that you are feeling better soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight.


  13. Your collection of Santas is great. I love the ones you painted.:)

    I hope things are good when you go in for tests. I have a neck doppler every year as there is some blockage but, so far and thankfully, nothing really bad, as yet.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    xo bj

  14. I love your Santa collection and that you know where you got each from!

  15. You are a talented lady-the painted Santas look wonderful!
    Praying for your test results to be good. I've been to er with chest pain myself and know it can be scarey. Hope you are able to relax, put your feet up and enjoy some lovely blogs for a few days :-)

  16. Oh Annette. First off you will be in my prayers that they will find what is going on healthwise. I know that was scary for you. I'm glad you're getting it checked out.

    I love your Santas so you just sit there and enjoy those lovely memories and get better.

  17. Your Santa's are gorgeous......thanks for sharing.

  18. I love your Kris Kringle! That's what Christmas decorations are all about to me, memories! So sorry to hear of your troubles, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday!

  19. I love your vignette of thrifty Christmas decor!! I love a deal!

  20. Hi Annette!
    Oh, your Santas are wonderful! I love to bring out the things that really provoke the most happy memories for me during the holidays! I hope you start to feel better. I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

  21. OMG you had a terrible scare! Glad you did not have a "broke heart", It is scary to get tests done! JUst think how happy you will be when all is OK. Thanks for commenting on my train travel, no suitcase yet!!


  22. Those are lovely. I have not visited your blog in a while...I forgot how much I love it!!

  23. Good luck to you on the test...I assume they are doing a carotid artery test? I will be thinking and wishing you well. I do love your collection, so nice you painted them with some friends, great memories!

  24. Great Santas! I'll keep you in my prayers. Hope you feel better soon!

  25. Since our children are scattered all over, when we moved, I gave each one some Christmas decorations from when they were children. Now they can see those at Christmas and remember the past.

  26. Wow you are really talented! Your painted Santas look great. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  27. Hi Annette,

    What a joyful little stop on our journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "K".

    Your painted Kringles are wonderful!

    It's neat how you painted the memories right into the masterpiece.

    Thank you for linking.



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