Monday, September 13, 2010

Table Makeover

Hey y'all! Hope you had a good week-end. We have been getting in some good beach time as the weather is a little cooler. I did get in a few yard sales and thrift shopping. I wanted to share this little table I picked up earlier at Goodwill for ten dollars. I sanded, primed, and painted it. I still need to distress it and put on a sealer.

Here it is dressed out in some thrift finds. I know the lamp is brass,ugh. That is a project on my to-do list.

I left the original hardware for now... undecided what I want to do.

I found this cute little frame for .50 and painted it white. The picture is a Birthday card. I found at
Dollar General. It is so sweet. I picked it up not knowing what I would do with it.

Simple enough, I cut of Happy Birthday and framed it. My kind of project. She says doing the happy dance.

While on the beach early Saturday evening we witnessed this cute little couple getting married!
There was no one there but the couple and the minister. I'm showing the photos from the back for privacy.

The minister insisted on taking our picture after the ceremony. Sooo here we are all dirty, grimy and with no makeup...  and no that is not a seagull on my head . Note to self, call the hairdresser when you get back home.

Have a great week and y'all come back to see us.
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  1. What a great deal on the table. I love the details on the drawers. Looks great in white!

  2. Your little table turned out so nice, and I love the frame and picture. Sometimes things speak to us and we just have to buy them and incorporate them somehow! Very pretty.

  3. Great table, Annette!

    I always love your beach scenes. La

  4. That table looks perfect in white, it is such a pretty piece, great job!

  5. That little table is a great find! I'm always on the look-out for table like that. I think it looks great white. I wouldn't worry so much about the brass lamp...I was watching Sarah's house the other day and she put some brass in a bedroom she was doing...and it matches the pulss on the drawer of your table.

  6. The table makeover looks great.What a great deal! Your pic looks very pretty wit the wind blown hair, you both look so happy!...Christine

  7. I like the little table. As far as the brass goes...I sometimes like a little brass--the way it gives a warm glow....but it doesn't go with some decore.

    A beach wedding with just two....I think it is sad that the families were not there....I think I would be so disappointed if my son did this!!

  8. A lovely table and you decorated it perfect.

  9. Cute makeover on that little the greeting card idea!


  10. Hi, I read this post yesterday, but I didn't notice the brass lamp. You really must go over to Brittany's blog and look at her brass lamp that she recently redid. It will make you want to re-do that lamp immediately, it is so gorgeous!
    Heres the address:

    Hugs, Cindy

  11. White paint is so transforming! It's amazing! Your table is sweet and so is your beach picture, hair and all!

  12. That table is just so pretty! And all the thrifty little accessories are just perfect!

  13. you did a wonderful job on that table! i love it white, for sure. i think the handles look great as is. what were you thinking of doing instead?

    thanks so much for stopping by the cape on the corner, and for your sweet comment on my fall decorating. my cat better NOT think those are toys for her, lol. that made me laugh!

  14. cute post. love the ocean! due for a tip over. only an hour away.
    sweet frame, and great find on that old fashioned looking card.

    thanks for visiting my place.


    barbara jean


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