Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This quaint little cabin is nestled in Pisgah National Forest. It is part of a simplistic peaceful scene of  yester year maintained by the Cradle of Forestry.

Heirs of George Vanderbilt sold the U.S. government some of the first land to become the Pisgah National Forest and Cradle of Forestry.

While viewing this peaceful setting I found myself longing for the slower, peaceful life of generations past.Time for family and visits from friends...only the natural sounds of the forest to interrupt my thoughts

then I realized...

There would be no microwave, no dishwasher and no fast food. My family would starve! There would also be  no computer to visit my blogging friends!!
That settles it. I'm going to be happy in the present.While nostalgia has it's draw, each era has its'positives and negatives and I'm sticking with the present.
Have a quiet, very modern good week and y'all come back.

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  1. I could live happily in that house. How beautifully built.

  2. Amen to the computer, microwave & dishwasher! The cabin & setting does seem so serene & peaceful :-)

  3. Oooh. aaaahhhhhh. What pretty pics! I could go live there in a heartbeat. Our fancy dish drawers haven't really worked well in so long, I'm kinda used to doing dishes... But you're right, the isolation of living in the country with no computer would do me in! ;-)
    Love your beautiful blog!

  4. Same with camping...sounds like fun but the reality is...no, I don't want to! Yet, I cannot stay away from a vintage shop with goodies from the past...ALWAYS FUN! (I've signed on to follow!)

  5. I hear ya! I love to fantasize about what it may have been like back then, but I'd miss all the comforts we have now.

    Have a great day! La

  6. Very nice to visit, but as you say, wouldn't want to live there!Great to escape to the past for a brief time.

  7. We were just here a week ago ! Those old log cabins are sweet but I could not have lived then in them! I would have stayed in the cities.

  8. It is a quaint little cabin but I am with you... I kind of like (love) modern conveniences!

  9. Haha , this made me laugh!


  10. What a gorgeous setting! I could easily live without the microwave, dishwasher and most definitely without the fast food. BUT no computer... now that just kills it!

    ~ Tracy

  11. I love the feel of the surroundings, so peaceful and tranquil. But ugh, no internet? I would miss the connectivity with blogging!

  12. That is so true! Fun to look back...but I don't want to go there. Although, if we never knew all these modern luxuries we have, we would not miss anything, how would we know better? Thanks for popping over...

  13. Oh what a beautiful restful place to be! I would miss the internet though...but I do love the simpler life!

  14. Going back in time sounds good until we really stop and think giving up all our modern day conveniences.

  15. The simpler life does appeal to me, but I am afraid that I would go nuts without the amenities that I have become very accustomed to having! LOL I "need" my computer and television. I wouldn't relish hauling my own water for cooking and cleaning and laundry, either. I told my husband, who believes he should have lived back in the days of the trek west, that he would have buried me along the wagon trail just outside of St. Louis- gateway to the west! I wouldn't have made it.... LOL
    ~ Sue


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