Friday, September 03, 2010

Dinosaur- writing checks

I know I'm getting older but today topped the cake! I went to do a little shopping at a local department store and came away feeling like a dinosaur!

Cabazon Dinosaurs by Victor Solanoy

While waiting, forever, in the check out line I completed my check except for the amount. When I get up to the register the cashier says,"Oh! your going to pay with a check? let me see what I haaave to do! He then leaves the register and goes to another employee and starts a discussion. They talk and look over at me like I am holding a gun instead of a check book. When he returns he says "Fill it out and I'll have to go to another machine to run it through, then I'll need a picture ID and you will need to sign," ...all the while eyeing me as if I had dropped from space.

I give him the check and ask Do you not ever get checks? To that he replied, even more annoyed, checks are going out! Everyone uses debit cards now. Soon there will be no more checks. I was so humiliated. A customer behind me having heard the conversation says "A lot he knows, my mom and a lot of other seniors will never give up their checks." I know she was trying to make me feel better but somehow I felt older and more out of touch than ever.

My question- Do you still use checks or do you use a debit card? Am I the last of the check writing dinosaurs?


  1. Oh that's so funny! I usually only write checks when I have to send in money for school. Or if I send one as a gift to someone. I just find the debit faster and easier to use.

  2. I don't use checks... I had to use one for the first time in a very long time the other day and I had to ask where I put and wrote everything in... bah!

    Its ok my mom is only 50 and she is amazing and she still uses checks! I am trying to switch her over and I have 75% but she loves her checks! haha

  3. Hi Annette!

    I don't use checks very often. generally when I have to send in bills. But, that sales associate was rather rude if you ask me! If it were me, I would make sure I wrote a check everytime I shopped there!

  4. I still like using paper checks- sometimes they are actually faster to process than a debit card, what with all the info the little computer box asks you to punch in-"enter your pin", "do you want cash back?", "is the amount correct?" LOL- by that time, the associate could have franked the check through the terminal and I could be on my way! LOL
    I guess I am still a bit of a dinosaur, as well. What you encountered at that store from that ill-trained and rude associate should have been reported!

  5. I use my debit card in lieu of cash or checks, BUT I often go to my dad and say if I give you the money, can you write a check for this so I can mail it? So, I am actually going to be ordering checks soon. I guess I better hurry since they are about to become extinct. :o) La

  6. I use both, but mostly my debit card. I still have a few bills which I don't pay online, so I write a check and mail. Once when my computer went out I had to go to the bank and had to admit to the lady that I had forgotten what to do in the bank to transfer funds. Arg!!!

  7. I usually use my debit card. I like the fact the money is held from my account right away. Checks, I use when I have to when I cant pay something online ( I.E. Bills) You do what you like, if someone made you feel old by asking about checks well then they aren't worth another thought.I personally think she was lazy and didnt want to just tap an extra button!

    <3 Bree

  8. Well, apparently I'm a dinosaur at 37 & my hubby at 42 because we both still prefer writing checks to using a debit card. Maybe it's that we have duplicate checks so we don't have to take the time to record the transaction right that minute to keep from forgetting it! Or maybe we're just resistant to change but as long as we can still order our checks we will keep using them.

    Just found your blog (I'm not even sure where I linked from - forgot already) but I will visit again.

  9. The store's customer service seems to be going by the way of the dinosaur.

    I have to admit I mostly do use a debit card, strictly because of convience. But I have noticed more people using checks lately. NOT just seniors...arg! I work a couple of days a week at an antique store and we are getting more checks. Could be because if we give a discount the purchase has to be paid for with cash or check in order to avoid the credit/debit card fees.

    Just my two cents,
    Elizabeth Ann

  10. I only use checks for paying some bills in the mail and for gifts. I use a charge card for all shopping as we actually earn money this way since we always pay on time and Discover card gives one money for this. Guess not many people are good at paying on time or Discover card would go broke!


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