Friday, June 18, 2010

Porch Makeover

Since Mr. VintageSouthern and I have been stuck at home and could not go to the beach condo because I needed to stay in close proximity to my doctor. I decided  we decided to get some things done that we had been procrastinating about doing.

First thing on the agenda was to restain the front door. I debated painting it black or red but decided to do the easiest thing and stain it back to its original color .I followed this up with a sealer. We live across the road from the river and there is always so much moisture in the takes its toll.

            A new wreath from one of my thrifting adventures for $2.00 and it looks like a new door.

Next on the agenda was to repaint the porch.  Sorry, I didn't think to make a before picture. I always forget. I am getting so forgetful I guess I need to strap a camera around my neck so I am prepared anytime....but I digress...

The porch was hunter green. It looked O.K. but  we,  I was ready for a change. The new paint color is from Lowes.The shade is Brick Red and  it is for concrete..It looks dark in the pictures but it is really red.  It is a little brighter than I wanted but I will have to live with it until this fall when the weather cools a little.   Did I mention it is blazing hot now in S.C?

The stripe fabric is Sunbrella. I made these a while back so I did not replace them. I wanted to tie the red floor  in with the greens and whites so I sewed up some floral pillows and a cover for the chaise. I still need to pick up some plants to finish it off......

 but first.......... I need to get my book, a glass of sweet tea and occupy the chaise for a while. It was a retirement gift and one of my favorite things.                                                                                                                                        Have a great week-end everyone and stay cool!
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  1. I adore that chaise! I'm on the hunt for one (but slowly). It's really lovely on your porch.

  2. Your porch is awesome!! I would want to sit there all day long!

  3. Your porch is so nice. I wish I had a bigger porch to put nice furniture on. lol. Thanks for linking up with 6 inches of Ribbon. come back friday to link up again!

  4. The green striped cushions are perfect. Too bad I don't have a sewing machine. But that is the exact look that I'm going for. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.



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