Friday, June 04, 2010

Be careful what you buy

These beautiful flowers were sent to me by my sweet and thoughtful friend Sandra.  They really cheered me up and  brightened my day.It has been a tough couple of weeks.   I am waiting to get a pesty old kidney stone broken up next week.  I think the proper term for the procedure  is lithoscopy..........................    anyway,                                              

Mr. Vintagesouthernlife and I went thrifting several weeks ago.  I found a couple of treasures.......... this lovely vintage walking cane with a brass handle

and this bed serving tray.                                           

I placed the cane in an umbrella stand at the front door and set about giving new life to the tray.

After scrubbing, sanding, and painting .... here she is.                           (Sorry about the quality of this picture. I couldn't get it any lighter.)

My plans were to use both pieces only as decorator items for the home,     HOWEVER,   
my plans quickly changed.

The kidney stone kicked in taking me to my knees in pain.  Long story short, several days later...
 I was relying on the old cane to get around and had been served several meals on the tray, in bed. (Not making Mr. Vintagesouthern a happy camper.)

Lesson learned. My next shopping adventure will be to look for:

swim suits, a jet ski,  snorkeling equipment and maybe even a motorcycle or para sail

  Anything but walking canes and bed serving trays !!!

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  1. Yikes, hope you are feeling better! I love the tray you found. It has great details. Always good to try it out and make sure it works well ;)

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes I mentioned my dolls. And no, I have not figured out how to safely display them yet. I don't want the sun hitting them, I don't want the kids touching may be awhile before they come out of hiding;) Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I LOVE your walking cane! I have a couple bamboo canes and always look for them (or wood handled umbrella's) when I'm out! And your tray came out fantastic! :)

  4. The serving try is gorgeous (what a fabulous find) Looks fantastic white! At least you were able to put it to good use ;) I hope you are feeling better! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you are haveing a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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