Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Vintage Goodies

Before heading to the coast I stopped in at a seasonal thrift shop in town and found what I have been searching for all year... the perfect little vintage coastal print! It was in a yucky gold paper over wood frame. I know, I am just too impulsive to take my before pictures but trust me it looked bad.
I painted  the frame with white Rustoleum and it did the trick. I couldn't wait to get it to the condo.

It is such a sweet little print. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

I know Thanksgiving has not come yet but I am decorating the condo for Christmas. I will not be back down until after Thanksgiving and time will be so limited I decided to go ahead and start Christmas decorating now.
I'm sure it's going to blow my mind next week when I go home and start putting turkeys all over the house.

These are some of the goodies I found at the Goodwill and thrift stores over the summer.

This teddy bear was just sitting there waiting for me to take him home.

I found three Santas on different trips this summer and re-painted them all white.
I didn't repaint the facial features. Their original owners did a great job on them and painting eyes is not one of my strong points. The one on the right was painted red, green and purple!
He's much more neutral now.

I was so excited when I found this little  toile plate at the Goodwill. It is New England Toile and it was priced at $2.50. I can't believe someone gave it away.

I love the little Victorian characters.

and finally...
one of my dumbest Goodwill purchases

I decided to stop at the Goodwill, on my way in to Myrtle Beach, Mr. Vintagesouthern was not happy but I promised I would only take a minute!
I spotted this little church up on the shelf as I hurried along. The roof color is what caught my eye. It is very unusual to find one with a robins egg blue roof.
Off course I grabbed it up and went on my way. I already had visions of it with my hutch here

Notice anything wrong?
You're right...
It's missing its' chimney! 
 I still did not notice it until I got it home and plugged it in. The light was shining out this hole in the roof,   aargh!
Note to self, make appointment with optometrist in the morning.

I am open to any "construction" ideas for my little church. It is such a sad little thing.
Glad you dropped by and y'all come on back!

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  1. Love the finds for your Christmas beach decorations. Painting those Santa's is very creative. I think the little church is still cute!! Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Fridays!

  2. What great finds Annette! I especially love the toile plate and the three santas. Great job painting them!

    ~ Tracy

  3. You found some darling treasures! I especially looove your picture, the frame turned out wonderful! I didn't notice the chimney missing from the church either! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  4. Santa Clause is my very favorite Christmas decoration of all.
    I LOVE your 3 white Santas...I will be on the look out for some, now. :))

  5. Hi snatched up some great stuff! The Santa's turned out really cute. I'm loving that plate! I didn't notice the chimney missing either.LOL.

  6. Awwwww, the bear and New Englandy plate are just darling. Your poor little church without its steeple. Can't you add one out of a shape found at Michael's? You could paint it white and just glue it on. It's a dear little church and, hopefully, one day soon it will have its steeple back! Have a good day. Susan

  7. Just stopping by from Junkin Party!! I love the print! It is a classic and does make you smile!

  8. I like how you repaint something to make it work for you. Gives me ideas. And I thought the church had a chimney in the center on the back of it? Humm. Great finds. Enjoy decorating your condo!~Ames

  9. So glad to see you join Linda's party...I could not find a better fit than her to fill my shoes. I love your finds as always. Oh and the fur baby just stole my heart.

  10. Thank you for sharing you awesome finds!! I love the blue and white plate with the Victorian characters!!

  11. My first visit to your blog.. Great finds and the blue plate a great find and bargin

  12. Your print makes me smile too-glad you found the perfect thing-love it when that happens!

  13. I love all your Christmas finds, and am impressed with how you repainted the Santas. Very nice!

  14. Looks fine to me as is...not all churches have steeples.

  15. Yes I thought the same as Ames, it looks like it's in the middle and I can't see the hole from that perspective? so i didn't notice the chimney missing either... lol

    Maybe you could plug the hole with plaster of paris or something and paint it to match the roof as if it never had a chimney? I think it would be less obvious than a makeshift chimney..


  16. Oh, those Santas are fabulous...I have passed on some rather garish ones at the thrift stores, never thinking to repaint them white. Did you use craft or spray paint? The little blue and white plate is really pretty.

  17. Those three Santas are just gorgeous!! There are often some rather ugly things out in the thrift stores, so it does take some imagination and foresight to know how to transform them. Love your blue/white plate, too. I have just starting collecting b/w plates for a guest bedroom.
    Wanted to thank you for coming by for a visit tonight. It's always fun to meet new people through these blog parties. :-)


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