Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's finally here...

Some of you may remember I posted here that I had taken my oxblood Dansko's to match something I was going to purchase... well I am so happy it has arrived. But first let me show you what it is replacing
this uuugly floral sofa and loveseat!

Let me share a few tips from the" learned the hard way ole' soul"
1.Never buy a sofa when you're bone tired from looking.
2. Never give your old sofa away until the new one is in route... and
3.Never say it's not what I want but I can make it work.
I just spent five years of my life hateing this furniture everyday!

                                                                                                                                                               The sleeper had never been slept on and it was good as new or should I say "ugly as new."
This thing was indistructible... I know,    I tried!

Finally here it is... my red leather suit.

It looks brown in the photo but in real life it is a rich, oxblood red color.

The love seat is closer to the real color.

I found this fabric to make pillows and rod covers for the doors and windows
for seven dollars a yard.

After cleaning all of the cobwebs behind the sofa and chasing away dust bunnies,
I did get in a little thrifting. I found this cute cottage at Goodwill for $3 and this little
vintage stocking for $1

I'm using them at the condo as it is decorated primarily in white vintage.

Thanks for dropping by and y'all come on back.

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  1. Beautiful set! I love the fabric for the windows also. I know you are glad to have everything in place for the holidays.

  2. Annette,
    How wonderful to have the furniture you love! It looks beautiful. Wonderful job with the fabric too.

  3. beautiful leather sofa and chair! looks like you
    found some lovely bargains, too.

  4. Awww, it's beautiful. well worth waiting for.
    good to meet you and your lovely blog.

  5. It was time you got the couches and chairs you wanted. I believe you deserved them after comparing.

  6. I hear ya! I had a god ugly sofa for a few years...couldn't afford a new one...especially because the new one cost way too much...so being the patient gal that I am (insert sarcasm)...I bout 3 sofa covers and switched them around until FINALLY..I have a sofa I love. Yours is gorgeous!


  7. Boy do I love your red leather furniture. I have ALWAYS wanted a leather sofa, but I would never spend the $. Yours are beautiful and they look so comfy.The big chair looks to be the coziest.

  8. Oh my Annette, loving the new set..just beautiful and the perfect colour!! Happy Rednesday

  9. Annette, your new furniture is beautiful and it looks sooo comfortable. Enjoy! La

  10. Wow, what an amazing transformation! I love how that red looks against all of your white trim and the fireplace. I bet you're going to have lots of fun decorating for the holidays, now that you have a whole new look in there!
    Happy REDnesday,

  11. Very beautiful, I'm glad it makes you happy !
    Love your GW finds !

  12. Great finds - much better than the old one!

  13. Oh I can relate-- We had hubby's hideous orange indian print couch for years-- then my parents hand me down floral velourish suit for years-- finally got a brown leather couch with studs similar to yours but more rustic! It was worth the wait!

    Congrats on your new furniture-- It is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the visit!

  14. Loved your note today Sweetie and LOVE the sofa's allllll of them honestly.. We'll be looking after tax return time,,, wooooohoooo for us... We do like the one we have now but the teen boys will get it in there basment game rm. I only pray we'll get one we like and enjoy as well as this one now... A new coffe table too!!!
    Right now we're using his x wifes stuff that she let him take cuz he picked it... I'm thinkin its been years so now WE pick!!!!
    Don't you agree :0)
    God's blessings ~~~~Hugs Dena

  15. Love the leather furniture. The color is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog & becoming a follower. I am happy to reciprocate.

  16. That is a major transformation! Your new couches are stunning. I know we can't see much of it, but I can tell I am also liking that hutch the stocking is hanging on.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Take care,

  17. Thank you for the visit and nice comment to my Red post this week. It lead me to your lovely blog. I have enjoyed spending a few minutes hopping through your archives. Love everything I have seen. You have a beautiful home.

    I do love all the thrift store treasures. As an auctioneers daughter I am addicted to all the old things. And, love the hunt for them.

    I sign up to follow your blog and was shocked to see that I ended up being your 100 follower. I guess that means congratulations are due for hitting this milestone.

  18. Loved your new living room furniture, and I can relate to living with something that you do not like, much less is very uncomfortable, as a result of making a hasty decision. LOL Enjoy, as yours looks so comfortable too.

  19. Good for you! New furniture. So happy you got what you wanted this time. Love your Christmas finds, the little cottage is very cute! Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday!

  20. YAY New furniture!! Great finds too!

  21. What a change for sure! It is very similar to mine, which I love everyday:) Looks great, enjoy.

  22. Wow! That new furniture totally transformed your room. It looks great!

  23. Oh my goodness! What a difference a sofa makes. Leather is always classic and fits in with any decor....good choice.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and your kind comments.
    Looks like you've had a lot of good luck at the thrift stores. Happy hunting out there:)

  24. I do like your new furniture - very pretty!
    Nice finds.

  25. Excellent advice! Love the little village piece!~Ames

  26. Always nice to change the couch. Let me add one more piece of couch advice - don't ever order one online. Mine arrived and it was tiny & awful. JC Penny's did take it back thank goodness. Thanks for the visit at my blog.

    Take good care,


  27. Now that is a perfect set of furniture! Just out of curiosity, where did you get them?

  28. Love the furniture! Reminds me of my couch:) Adorable stocking too!

  29. gorgeous! love that leather look in your home, it sets a completely different tone. and i love your rules for sofa buying, they had me laughing out loud!

    so glad you stopped by, and thanks for the comment on my xmas free stuff! i truly appreciate it!

  30. Your new furniture is beautiful! And I love the vintage stocking, what a find! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog post...I will be stopping by often to see what other fun things you find for your home...

  31. Your oxblood set is beautiful!! It looks so warm and inviting! Loving the little village piece~~

  32. I LOVE the color of that leather. It's yummy!



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