Wednesday, January 02, 2013

G is for germaphobia

I don't know about you my friends but I am quickly developing germaphobia. With all of the viruses, flu, and nasty bugs going around. I am starting to identify with Dr. Shelton Cooper of the Big Bang Theory show.
I am holding up folks getting into stores as I withdraw my hand into my sleeve and attempt to open store doors without touching them, frantically wiping down shopping carts, and I always use a napkin to pick up the salt and pepper shakers in the restaurants. If that doesn't get enough stares from strangers  whipping out my gallon container of hand sanitizer always does!

I'm thinking this may be my next purchase ...  effective yet stylish!

 I  had to laugh at Tim and myself when I saw this video.

Hopefully I'm not that bad... yet. Wishing y'all a Happy Germ Free New Year!

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  1. We do a lot of hand washing at my house.

  2. Me too ~ lots of 'hand washing' ~ Be well ~ Great 'G" post .

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^)

  3. I love Tim's clip - very funny! I work in retail - the temptation to completely disinfect the entire work bench after some customers have left the store is very strong!!

  4. No germaphobia for me, but I did just get my first winter cold in 3 years - no fun! I think the mask is very stylish.

  5. With all germs and horse poop, etc. etc., I couldn't be a germophobe if I wanted to...

  6. Hopefull the germs will read your post and scoot off.

  7. love the video!! thanks for the laugh -- and I am with you on the germ thing (tho I get sick from time to time despite sanitizer and opening doors with my gloves!)

  8. I'm glad someone else besides me uses a napkin to hold the salt and pepper shakers!

  9. I just thank goodness for Echinacea and :-)

  10. I never thought of the salt and pepper shakers, I don't use either anyway:) I sure hate using carts without wiping them down though:)

  11. Very funny video. :)) For sure it's important to wash your hands often. I recently saw a program about germs in hotels (even very expensive ones) and in eateries. It would make a true germaphobe want to stay at home.

    I wish you all the best in 2013!

  12. LOL
    I am battling a nasty cold given to me by little grandson at Xmas . I can relate :)

  13. I'm all about those pocket sanitizers.

    I am forever using them and making my Grandlittles use them.

    Maybe the pink ruffly mask would work for the littlest of them!

    I can totally relate to your thinking here!

    Thanks for linking!

    This was great.



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