Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What happened to June?

Hope everyone is having a great week and gearing up for the 4th!  I'm not really sure where June has gone. It has been a busy time for us with lots of birthdays, several trips and just life in general. I looked out of my window this morning and was pleased to see that my canna's are flourishing on plain ole' neglect!

A walk to the front yard shows all is well, except for a few weeds that have taken up residence . I would like to introduce you to my ant, Andy. We grow em' big here in the south!

See him... on the bench?  No, they're not quite that big around here in real life but if you have ever been bit by a fire ant, you would swear he was that big. Those of you in the colder climates are lucky. . . they are really mean little rascals!

I have some great advice I will share about getting rid of them, stick with the professionals!  I did some research (on the net) and came up with several remedies. First I sprinkled instant grits onto the ant hill. Supposedly, it will make them blow up when they eat it and then drink water. It only makes them happy and fatter.
Then I tried boiling water and adding dish detergent. It does a great job of killing your sod. The ants . . . well, they just moved the queen and built a new hill about 3 feet from where they were.Just stick with the professionals, they know what they are doing.

I have not had a chance to decorate for the 4th and we will be out of town again but I have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful decorations on your blogs. You are all so talented. 
I did manage to change one thing on the porch. I pulled out my watermelon pillows. These will have to do until I get more time.

 I think I will research time management. . .  hopefully I'll do better than I have with the ants.
I'm glad you dropped by and y'all come back!
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  1. hi Annette, I am so happy to meet your. I see your having some of the same problems we get. Those ants are not what you want to see in your yard, big pest. Just one of those things we have to deal with in the south. I think you have a lovely garden, the cannas are lovely and I love the bench. Please drop by anytime.
    Hope your fourth is great.

    The French Hutch

  2. Hi i am new here, that strategy with the ant i've done many times too, and they always come back in a few days. Only those who come in contact with hot water died. We just ignore them, just left them there. I also tried salt but forgot to observe what happened next. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Great outdoor pics-love the big ant!!! I think you're right-seeing all this stuff in blogland does make us want to buy more!

  4. Wonderful pictures Annette. That ant is huge! Hope you have a nice afternoon. Mildred

  5. Love the ant, the big one and am I ever glad we don't have those fire ants here. I would not be outside at all if we had those. I hear they are to worst things to have besides snakes.
    Hope you have a safe and happy 4th- June's toast and so is the first half of 2011. I have no clue when that happened either.
    Hugs- Tete

  6. June went by too fast for me too. And now we are looking at a too hot weekend for the 4th. I hate it when it is too hot. Makes me miserable. Anyway, love your watermelon pillow. That is so cute!


  7. Hi Annette...I agree, June went by way to quickly. I love that BIG ant on your bench..he's too cute.
    Your watermellon pillows add some summer to your porch.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  8. Hi, I'm right there with you on time! Babysitting grandchildren and a granddog have kept me so busy, I only pulled out two cute Happy Holiday decorations - my sweet red white and blue dressed teddy and a patriotic striped angel. :) Fortunately, I have done more at SandwichINK from cute country clipart to fun patriotic songs and ideas, so I'm definitely feeling more festive than my house may show. :) Have a blessed trip and a fun 4th!

  9. I agree! what on earth happened to June? didn't it just get here? I love your watermelon pillow! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  10. Well, that's one good thing about living up here, I guess! Nice pillows!

  11. Your yard is looking lovely. Cana lilies are easy to grow. The hummingbirds out here love them. I hope you have a happy 4th of July :)

  12. Hope you are having a nice week Annette. I love your photos! Everything looks beautiful.

  13. I like your watermelon pillows...very cute and festive. I didn't have time to decorate for the 4th either. By the time I thought about had passed. Hopefully I'll do better next year:)


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